Safety - A Zero Tolerance Philosophy

The last thing a construction project owner wants is for a serious injury or even death to occur at their jobsite. Aside from the monumental loss that would affect an injured worker and his or her family, the project owner would be guaranteed exposure to extensive liability including legal claims, financial loss, schedule delays, and negative press.

At Wu & Associates, our company culture has zero tolerance for an unsafe project site. Our strict attitude stems from our fundamental philosophy that all workers, visitors, and passerby in and around a construction jobsite should be able to return home in the same condition as when they arrived.

While most project owners and construction companies would agree that safety is important, more often than not there is a lack of education in the public eye of what exactly is an unsafe construction practice. Simply put, unsafe practices occur rampantly every day on Main Street USA due to a self-defeating cycle of ignorance and lack of enforcement-- you may have seen construction workers without hardhats, roofers standing on roofs without harnesses, scaffolding erected with scant and erractically placed planks, carpenters cutting without eye protection.

All of these examples illustrate unsafe construction practices which are waiting for an accident to happen. And unfortunately for many project owners and construction companies alike, the severity of these risks are not recognized until someone is seriously hurt.

Accident Prevention

The Wu & Associates Difference

To ensure that a project owner's jobsite is managed to withstand the utmost safety scrutiny, Wu & Associates enforces the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s EM385-1-1 Safety and Health Requirements Manual for all of our workers on each jobsite. All in-house project management and field supervision staff are trained to enforce these stringent standards, possessing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers certification in Quality Construction Management along with the EM385-1-1 40-hour Site Safety and Health Officer certification.

In addition, our field staff are trained in specific safety topics, such as fall protection, lead and asbestos awareness, confined space entry, scaffolding, and equipment operation, in order . These certifications are tailored to field the expected hazards at the specific job sites to which personnel are assigned. Our staff members are also trained in the Environmental Compliance Assessment, Training, and Tracking System established by the Department of Defense to provide an understanding and awareness of the environmental requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

During the pre-construction phase of a project, we demand that all subcontractors complete an Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) for each definable feature of work. This means that a safety analysis is performed for each defined task in the overall construction schedule before any workers arrive at the jobsite. Once construction is scheduled to start, subcontractor coordination meetings are held to review the safety plan, followed by daily toolbox talks to orient workers to relevant safety topics. Our full-time field supervisor then monitors safety throughout each day utilizing an established checklist.


Leadership in Safety

Wu & Associates has been recognized year after year for exhibiting a continued commitment to jobsite safety. Our participation in national safety evaluation programs along with our receipt of industry safety awards is a testament to our performance. We are multi-year recipients of the following recognition:

  • U.S. Department of the Navy, STAR Safety Program Recognition
  • Associated Builders & Contractors, Safety Training Evaluation Process Platinum Award

”Your company has been selected for a STAR Program Letter of Recognition for the safe execution of the projects referenced above. This award is a notable achievement and awarded only to those companies with a recognized and proactive corporate safety posture - critical to protecting people and property.“

A.J. Sullivan
Commander, U.S. Navy