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Rutgers University Douglass Campus Projects

Rutgers University Douglass Campus Projects

Woodlawn was built in 1830 by Colonel James Neilson, and now presently houses the Eagleton Institute of Politics.  The front porch of the structure was being undermined by the root of a nearly tree, and caused differential settlement and failure of the foundation.  Wu & Associates removed the tree, repaired the foundation, and replaced the entire porch slab.  The new slab was reinforced with steel rebar, and stamped with a concrete finish to imitate flag stone.  Work continued inside the mansion, where the interior stairs and second floor received structural renovations.  This work included installation of a steel channel flitch beam, angle header, and repairs to a damaged beam.  Plaster patching and painting concluded the process.

Voorhees Chapel, located in the same Rutgers Campus, was a team effort between Wu & Associates, Inc. and Arch Design Architects, Inc.  Originally constructed in 1925, this historic chapel required numerous repairs and restorations.  Phase I entailed detailed investigation and documentation of failures in the roof areas. Phase II involved the installation of membrane roofing and slat shingle repair in order to prevent further leakage. Phase III consisted of a complete redesign of the undersized drainage system to provide an efficient, durable path for rainwater to exit the building. Phase IV included interior restoration of water damaged plaster and paint throughout the chapel and vault ceiling.

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Owner: Rutgers University

Architect: Arch Design Architects, Inc.