Wu & Associates offers the full spectrum of sustainable design and constructions to project owners who value a high performance building experience.  We are also proud to be the owner and developer of New Jersey’s first LEED-EB Platinum certified project.  In the business of designing and constructing LEED certified spaces for a plethora of clientele, our management decided in 2009 to renovate our own office complex into a premier sustainable showcase.  Located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburban town of Cherry Hill, our headquarters first achieved LEED-EB Gold certification in 2013 and subsequently LEED-EB Platinum certification in 2014.

Notable features of our office space include:

Native habitat restoration Photovoltaic system Rainwater capture Hybrid and plug-in vehicles
 wildflower  pv  rainwater  alternative
Lighting upgrades Green cleaning High efficiency HVAC Sustainable purchasing

Sustainability is not only a service that we provide to our customer base, but also a way of life that we promote for our staff and our families.  By experiencing certain green technologies and behaviors first-hand, users of our building area are able to see the cause and effect of their actions, and truly understand the impact of their choices on the environment.  Even better, they are able to share this knowledge with others in their network.  For our clients, we look to share these lessons learned in constructing innovative and informed spaces to meet your needs.

Constantly working towards improving the green building process, Wu & Associates aims to increase ease of navigation for all.  We are thrilled to contribute our knowledge to projects such as the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation, whose goal is to simplify the benefits of LEED, and show real data on potential energy savings for business owners.