Project Remarks
Pearl S. Buck House, Phase 3 Restoration

I do not know what we would do without your generous support with our house restoration project. I sincerely appreciate being able to work with you.

Janet L. Mintzer, President & CEO, Pearl S. Buck International
Stryker Stryker Brigade Combat Team Facilities, Design-Build to LEED Certified Standards

Wu & Associates was contracted to perform the design-build of two major construction projects for the Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Northeast Philadelphia. One building housed existing Readiness Center operations and the second was newly constructed to service heavy military vehicle repair operations. Both structures were designed and built to the “green” standards of LEED@.As the Commanding Officer of the site, I interacted frequently with both the management and field personnel from Wu & Associates. I was very impressed with their focus, customer relations, and execution. Their organizational strength and intellectual capabilities far exceeds that of other contractors I have dealt with throughout my 24 year career. One of the biggest challenges at the site was to handle the logistics of our various units. In support of national operations our unit personnel and equipment was flowing in and out of the facility regularly and it was important for my organization to know that the contractor was doing everything they could to accommodate our operational needs. Wu & Associates was able to meet this challenge by working together with my staff to anticipate and service our needs. I highly recommend Wu & Associates for the design-build or general construction of future projects where intellect, fairness, and good customer service is required.

Howard L. Hostrander II, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired

Louis Kahn's Trenton Bath House Louis Kahn’s Trenton Bath House and Day Camp Pavilions Restoration

Mercer County is delighted to have the opportunity to work with Wu and Associates on the restoration of the Louis I. Kahn Bathhouse and Day Camp in Ewing Township, New Jersey. This State and Federal registered property was one of Kahn’s early works where he experimented with “reserved”‘ and “servant” spaces. The property receives visitors from around the world and was featured in the documentary, “My Architect”. Robert Rudolph and Kirby Wu have consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of the buildings, including material and finishes. We are very pleased with the end product. The project began in January 2010 and was hampered by bad weather for several months. Wu and Associates reworked the schedule to complete as much work as possible in horrid weather. It was further complicated by funding sources that required it to be a “two prime contractor” project. Wu and Associates have worked side by side with DeSapio Construction with very few problems. Even in the waning days of the project, when close coordination is most required, the two firms worked cooperatively.In addition to two primes, there are two owners. Mercer County is funding and managing the project but the property is owned and operated by Ewing Township. This high profile project has had many visitors during construction and the Day Camp is operating at full capacity. The swimming pool, immediately adjacent to the Bath House, is also in operation. Wu and Associates has been extremely flexible in accommodating visitors, campers and swimmers in and near the active construction site. It has been a pleasure working with Robert and Kirby and the entire Wu team.

Donna M. Lewis, Planning Director, County of Mercer, New Jersey
cleaned up exterior David Sheppard House Restoration

Wu & Associates has been by far the best contractor I’ve ever worked with. They see an issue and come up with great solutions to expedite the project and save money. They were considerably lower than the rest of the bidders and helped incredibly during value engineering to come up with solutions that actually allowed the project to proceed. They are extremely reasonable when it comes to pricing on change order work. They are fair and honest – a rare quality in a contractor. I would highly recommend that they be considered for any projects design build or traditional GC.

Joan S. Sitler, Senior Project Manager, Rutgers University

18. Stryker - (4) Stryker Brigade Combat Team Facilities, Design-Build to LEED Certified Standards

The experience of working with your staff has been a pleasure. Wu & Associates has been organized from the start, with a clear understanding of the project issues and details. Your review of the drawings and specifications, as they were developed, will be a benefit to all involved in the construction. The Wu Team knows the critical items in the project and keeps all involved focused on resolving the problems as they arise. Wu & Associates has shown an attention to the project details during project planning that is reaping benefits during the construction. I acknowledge your management style, which is a clear manifestation of your integrity and work ethic. I enjoyed our work together on the Valley Forge Middle School completed in 2006. As you know, the renovation portion of the project involved careful coordination and complicated structural remedial work. Wu & Associates met the challenges and delivered the project on time and on budget. Having worked on numerous school projects, I know that doing quality work in the public sector is no small accomplishment. Your company provided a quality building that the students and teachers continue to enjoy. I look forward to working with you on future projects.

Thomas W. Daley, AIA, Principal, Daley + Jalboot Architects
1291225141 Hatboro Borough Hall Restoration

I believe Wu & Associates have done an excellent job on this project and feel they have worked around many items that most other contractors would have issued change orders for. I hope the Township understands how well Wu & Associates have been to work for.

Lee W. Werkheiser, Project Manager, George J. Donovan AIA & Associates
1297453736 Barry Callebaut Innovation Center, Research and Development Laboratory

Nothing but positive feedback… The place looks great. My compliments to [your team] in making this happen in such a short time. Thanks again.

Bill Hayes, Manager, Barry Callebaut USA
22. Barry Callebaut (2) Barry Callebaut Innovation Center, Research and Development Laboratory

Barry Callebaut turned out well—especially for a fast-track mode. Job well done—good workmanship, [your staff] communicated especially well, and you were up-front and above-board about the numbers. I’ll be referring more work to you in the near future. Thanks again!

David L. Barger, AIA, Principal, David L. Barger Architects


Person Quote
Gary & Rose, Proprietors

Cutters Salon Renovations

“Your help has been paramount in bringing about our peace of mind and restoring our lifelong commitment to providing our clients and friends with the very best service we can provide. All the work has been excellent and we appreciate your desire to help keep our cost at a minimum. We feel happy and relieved of having Wu & Associates take charge of this negative experience and turning it into such a positive one.Thanks again Kirby, you came through for us when we didn’t know where to turn.”


Person Quote
Leo Barnebei, Director of Operations, Radnor Township School District

Ithan Elementary School Renovations

“Wu & Associates provided interior renovations for us and their staff was cooperative, professional, and attentive to our needs. Their attention to detail certainly sets them apart from many in their field and their efforts to coordinate with other prime contractors helped us to get our project done well and on time.”


Person Quote
John Longo, Council President, Borough of Jamesburg

Restoration of the Buckelew Mansion

“Both architect and contractors did a great job, and I know that whatever remains will be completed in a timely manner. I can leave my office for the holiday week feeling comfortable that we have secured the building and knowing that this first phase is complete.”


Person Quote
James V. Pickering, Township Administrator
Township of Millstone, NJ

Exterior Restoration of Old Clarksburg School

“It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Wu & Associates for any municipal projects in the future. This was a great collaborative effort between the architect, the contractors, and the Township. It was a pleasurable experience to work with Wu & Associates.Because of the historical nature of the building their attention to detail was magnificent. The numerous unforeseen issues that arose throughout the two phases were handled with professionalism, understanding, and cooperation.Wu & Associates, by far, the very best contractor I have had to work with over the years. They kept to the schedule, overcame many situations that most contractors would have avoided. Even long after the project was closed out to everyone’s satisfaction, Wu & Associates came back to the job site because of minor issues, and handled them with the utmost professionalism and cooperation when they did not have to do so. They took great pride in their work long after the job was completed. You can’t say enough good things about this company.The Township of Millstone highly recommends Wu & Associates for any future work.”


Person Quote
John N. Roche, P.E., Resident Engineer, US Department of Defense, Philadelphia Corps of Engineers

Philadelphia Defense Personnel Support Center

“The work performed on these projects involved a variety of engineering disciplines including civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, and environmental. On each project Wu Associates performed in an outstanding or above-average manner. The DPSC facilities Public Works Division has written letters commending their work and noted that they would be glad to have Wu Associates on other projects. Over the five year period this office has found Wu Associates to be a professional, highly competent, cooperative, timely and safety conscience company. On several projects where timely completion was essential, they completed the projects ahead of schedule. They have been well organized and handle unexpected problems in a professional and expeditious manner. Wu Associates is committed to safety and maintains a proactive posture which has resulted in “No Accidents” during any of their contracts. Wu Associates understands the concept of “Partnering” even though there was no formal partnering contract requirement in any of the contracts. They partner as a way of doing business and are commended for their dedication to the execution of these contracts in a manner which exemplifies professionalism and cooperation. This office appreciates the fine work performed by Wu Associates, looks forward to our next contract with them and based on our past experience highly.”